Hassan Saab

For Dearborn Heights City Council

Dear Neighbor,

I am currently running for Dearborn Heights City Council, and it would be an honor to earn your vote either by Absentee Ballot or at the polls on November 7th.

I am a proud long-standing resident of Dearborn Heights, the City which I call home and where my wife and I plan to raise a family. As I currently serve on the Dearborn Heights Planning Commission and a local DDA (Downtown District Authority), in addition to my career as an engineer and builder, I have been engaged, committed, and looking forward to serving our residents on City Council.

My purpose is to continue serving the citizens of Dearborn Heights and contributing to our City’s growth and prosperity. All Dearborn Heights residents deserve sustainable roads, safe and maintained neighborhoods, and the security to peacefully enjoy our homes without the constant flood and infrastructure concerns.

With your vote and support, I look forward to working with our residents and the administration, while having productive dialogue with members of council, to successfully represent and advance our City.

Yours truly,

As a member of City Council, I will remain committed to:

✓ Supporting our first responders and public safety

✓ Strengthening the ongoing improvements of city infrastructure

✓ Reinforcing ordinance initiatives to improve the maintenance of our neighborhoods

✓ Encouraging new economic development, while supporting our local businesses throughout the city

✓ Enhancing communication among city council members and putting the needs of our residents first

✓ Supporting efforts to secure funds for major projects including roads, parks, and storm water infrastructure


To ensure a good quality of lite for all Dearborn Heights residents, city resources must be properly utilized and taxpayer dollars must not be wasted. All Dearborn Heights residents deserve affordable housing, safe neighborhoods and strong schools. I also believe that our residents deserve good roads.

Flooding in the city has much to do with the maintenance of Ecorse Creek which is not a city asset. Nevertheless, the City has to do everything we can to help mitigate the circumstances to reduce flooding for the residence. We need actively be lobbying the County, State & Federal levels to help with infrastructure upgrades and dredging to the creek. When i am elected to council, I plan to organize groups to speak to Government officials to fix the problem a little bit a time. I would also ensure that the cities budget includes a grant writing “specialist to apply for County, State and Federal grants to address the issue

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